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Accurate, level treads for concrete fire stairs

Are you having issues with grinding back or topping up risers so that they’re BCA compliant? Have a look at Fast Tread®, you’ll get accurate treads for fire stairs on every flight… and on every project, guaranteed!

Our screed fold explained.

The fold at the front of the tread & the fold at the back of the tread line up together perfectly… it’s our ‘Fast Tread® screed fold’.

So here’s how it works; your concreter simply screeds the concrete using these two special folds as a guide, and there you have it…

>> level & accurate treads, every time (and, that’s our promise)!

fast tread screed fold guarantees accurate level treads for fire stairs

What this means.

Every Fast Tread® riser is manufactured with these special folds. It’s no more effort on your part, but it’s important to ensure you have accurate treads for your fire stairs so your project handover runs smoothly.

Most importantly, if you get it right in the first go will save you time as well because there’ll be no wasted time rectifying the non-compliant stairs.

  • waste no time with rectification for BCA compliance
  • eliminate delays when you’re trying to get your OC certificate
  • save time (and therefore save money & labour) by doing it right the first time
  • rest assured with Fast Tread for accuracy & dependability

Want to see it in action?

Are you interested in seeing our screed fold in action? A while back we shot a quick video so you can see exactly how it works. Head over to our video page and take a look for yourself, it’s here.

Keen to know more?

It’s only through reliability, integrity and experience can we build trust with our clients. That’s why we take the accuracy and quality of our product very seriously. We apply significant attention to detail to every step of the construction and installation process.

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