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Very nice job down in Wollongong using Fast Tread® stairmaster formwork stairs.

I spy…. Fast Tread®, Riser Film, Safe-T-Tread™, Handrails

FAST TREAD®: preformed concrete stairs to speed up your construction of multi-level builds.

RISER FILM: concrete splatter protection film, just peel off after pouring the concrete & you’ll have super clean risers.

SAFE-T-TREAD™: certified temporary treads providing immediate, safe access between levels prior to core fill.

HANDRAILS: installed prior to installing the stairs, providing immediate edge protection & a safer site for your guys.

…all this, onsite at AIRE WOLLONGONG!

FTI Group Pty Ltd (Fast Tread®) – your formwork specialist

You can trust Fast Tread®
to be compliant with:

• AS/NZS1657:2018
for fixed platforms, walkways, stairways, and ladders
• AS/NZS1428.1:2009
for design for access and mobility
• AS/NZS1170.1:2002
for structural design actions
• AS/NZS3990:1993
for mechanical equipment
• AS/NZS4100:1998
for steel structures
• AS/NZS4991:2004
for lifting devices
• AS/NZS1554.1:2011
for structural steel welding
• AS/NZS4761:2001
for steel reinforcing materials

Compliance assured for your peace of mind. For more information, contact our design team.