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Want to get cleaner concrete fire stairs?

With Fast Tread®, there’s two ways that’ll help you achieve cleaner concrete fire stairs. Check out the finish on these stairs in Canberra for example… 👌🏼

Project: Campbell 5, Campbell ACT

Developer: JWLand
Builder: Icon
Architect: Cox Architecture

Project Stats.:

449 units + 139 hotel rooms
5 buildings up to 8 stories + 2 basement levels
788 risers of Fast Tread® stairs + handrails

So, here’s the two ways you can achieve a cleaner finish on your fire stairs…

  1. Be stringent on getting your concreter to clean the risers & soffit of concrete slurry immediate after the pour. That makes it far easier (and less time-consuming) to clean the stairs.
    Also, once the treads are troweled off to your desired finish, use a wet sponge to clean off all the excess concrete splatter from all surfaces including the face of the risers, the inside & outside of the stringers, and the handrails.
  2. There’s an easier way, too! Have you heard of Riser Film?
    It’s a concrete splatter protection film that’s adhered to the risers of your stairs before they leave the FTI factory. It’s designed to make the clean up job faster, simpler & easier. So, you can go ahead and core fill the stairs, immediately after that you simply peel back the film to reveal the cleaner concrete fire stairs.
    You can even get your handrails wrapped in film (check out this post to find out more).

NOTE: Fast Tread® does not recommend pressure washing, acid washing or grinding f the stairs or handrails, because this causes potential corrosion.

What’d they use on the Campbell 5 project?

Xmplar Formwork were able to achieve these super clean fire stairs without even using our riser film! That’s an excellent finish, Eoin Devaney & XMPLAR FORMWORK PTY LIMITED!

FTI Group Pty Ltd (Fast Tread®) for cleaner preformed fire stairs.

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