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Complementary ancillary products: enhancing efficiency and performance on your construction projects.

In the fast-paced world of construction, time is money and every minute counts. As construction companies strive to meet deadlines and ensure safety on-site, having the right ancillary products can make all the difference.

FTI Group, a leader in prefabricated concrete formwork systems, offers a range of complementary ancillary products designed to enhance efficiency and performance in construction projects.

Safe-T-Tread™ – your instant access solution.

One of FTI Group’s key ancillary products is Safe-T-Tread™, exclusively designed for Fast Tread® stairs.

These treads act as an immediate temporary access stair during construction, ensuring safe and secure movement between levels on site. With easy installation and durable materials, safety treads provide a reliable solution for quick access while permanent stairs are being constructed.

Safe-T-Treads™ are easily removed before the concrete pour and can be stored and reused on future levels or other projects using Fast Tread® stairs. It’s a cost-effective safety investment because you only need enough safety treads for one level and can reuse them up the build.

The Safe-T-Treads™ lock into the riser fold on the Fast Tread® stairs and sit flush on the right angle at the back of the riser. These safety treads are exclusive to Fast Tread® stairs and are a patented system by FTI Group.

Riser Film – a time-saving, clean finish.

When it comes to cleaning the stairs after the concrete pours, riser film becomes a game-changer. It’s an innovative solution protecting your risers from concrete splatter and reduces cleaning costs.

You can order riser film with your Fast Tread® stairs and they’ll be delivered to the site with a protective film already adhered to the risers.

Our protection film is designed to make the clean-up process faster, simpler, and easier. Just peel it off directly after the concrete pour to reveal clean risers without any concrete splatter or residue.

For an additional cost, you can also get your handrails wrapped too for even cleaner fire stairs. This time-saving feature ensures that your fire stairs look impeccable with minimal effort.

Handrails – expert welding for safety and compliance.

Safety and compliance are paramount issues in the construction industry. To achieve BCA, NCC, and Australia Standard compliance, handrails are required on one or both sides of your Fast Tread® stairs, depending on their design.

FTI offers four handrail options to meet requirements for fire-isolated and main access stairways. With an in-house team of site welders and boiler makers throughout Australia, FTI can offer a reliable service for the full handrail and site linkage scope. With our team already inducted on your site, it’s efficient for your team and ours.

FastHob™ – a faster and easier way to build water barriers.

A preformed concrete hob frame system, custom-made to your project requirements, designed to simplify and speed up the construction of water barriers between living and outdoor areas.

The FastHob™ system is used to separate apartments and balconies in apartment complexes and acts as a water barrier between these living and outdoor areas.

Compared to other construction methods, prefabricated hob frames are much faster to install with no delays waiting for concrete to cure or time to strip away formwork.

FastBeam™ – simplifying your scissor stair construction.

Shop drawn and fully prefabricated with reinforcement preinstalled, FastBeam™ saves time on site and eliminates the need for a load-bearing spine wall in your scissor stair application.

It’s a prefabricated concrete beam formwork system designed to support the spine or dividing wall between our Fast Tread® stairs that are in a scissor stair configuration in multi-level fire stair applications.

BluePly™ – F17 grade cross-laminated concrete formwork formply.

Our formply is high-quality F17 grade formwork sheets for concrete formwork. It complies with Australian performance requirements and can be used in any application that requires a known structural strength and performance.

How FTI Group fits in with all this.

FTI Group is an Australian family-owned and operated company with extensive experience in the construction industry having manufactured prefabricated formwork systems for over 25 years.

The FTI business’s foundations have been built on high-quality, compliant products coupled with offering expert technical advice whilst ensuring our customers receive exceptional service.

FTI have a central manufacturing facility in Australia with stocking facilities in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney to ensure we can deliver product to our customers where they need it when they need it.

FTI are experts in prefabricated formwork with our products now featuring in over 3000 projects throughout Australia and New Zealand.

With large stock holdings and a large production capacity, FTI can offer fixed rates for concrete stairs and metal decking formwork to allow customers reliability, stability, and certainty with pricing for their projects.

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You can trust Fast Tread®
to be compliant with:

• AS/NZS1657:2018
for fixed platforms, walkways, stairways, and ladders
• AS/NZS1428.1:2009
for design for access and mobility
• AS/NZS1170.1:2002
for structural design actions
• AS/NZS3990:1993
for mechanical equipment
• AS/NZS4100:1998
for steel structures
• AS/NZS4991:2004
for lifting devices
• AS/NZS1554.1:2011
for structural steel welding
• AS/NZS4761:2001
for steel reinforcing materials

Compliance assured for your peace of mind. For more information, contact our design team.