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Conquering Construction Challenges with BlueDeck Composite™

In the dynamic world of construction, each project brings its unique set of challenges. The key is finding solutions that not only streamline the construction process but also ensure quality and cost-effectiveness throughout the building stage.

This is where FTI Group comes in. FTI is renowned for groundbreaking innovation in formwork for the Australian Construction Industry. And FTI’s BlueDeck Composite™ metal decking formwork offers game-changing solutions set to revolutionise the building industry. Trusted by industry-leading engineers, preferred by Tier 1 builders, and loved by formworkers onsite.

Snapping in woes?
BlueDeck Composite™ clips together effortlessly.

Picture this. You’re onsite, just received a delivery of metal decking formwork and the team is starting to install it. The pieces are just slightly out, stubbornly refusing to snap into place. The install team are having to spend more time hammering each individual piece so that it clips together. BlueDeck Composite™ clips together effortlessly.

This is made possible by our state-of-the-art machinery which ensures precision manufacturing. The issue of the metal decking pieces being harder to clip together is a machine maintenance issue. The term used is ‘over-rolled’, meaning over time without the necessary maintenance, adjustments, and poor machinery the decking rolled will lose its precision accuracy and in turn be more difficult to clip together.

Budget blowouts?
FTI can assist your financial stability.

Of course, one of the biggest challenges the construction industry has faced over the last few years, is managing costs. We’ve all witnessed budgets spiralling out of control with the rise in costs of construction materials. We’ve seen the numerous construction companies going into liquidation.

While formwork is only a relatively small portion of the project, FTI can still help. With our budget-friendly, competitive pricing, our bulk package deals, and our ability to lock-in your rates for metal decking and stairs for the entire duration of the project, we’ve cracked the code for financial stability.

Concrete seepage headaches?
BlueDeck Composite™ is the answer.

Another common construction headache is concrete seepage, particularly between the individual lengths of metal decking formwork. Nothing can derail your project faster than concrete sneaking through the cracks, causing structural issues, unsightly decks, and costly delays.

Here’s another benefit of choosing BlueDeck Composite™. Our superior interlocking connection was designed with an extra rib in the sides of the metal decking profile. This extra rib was designed specifically to make it virtually impossible for concrete to seep through. No more concrete seepage, BlueDeck Composite™ has a concrete-tight interlocking connection.

But what about shallow rib concrete seepage?
Don’t worry, BlueDeck Composite™ has the solution.

Another concrete seepage issue we commonly see is when the concrete seeps through the shallow rib from deep beams. Concrete seepage is ugly, it’s costly to clean up, frankly it’s a waste of time.

FTI Group offers foam tape on all BlueDeck Composite™ orders as a concrete barrier against seepage. It’s installed underneath the decking profile and the foam fills the small void of the shallow rib so there’s no room for concrete to sneak through. It’s a small addition that packs a powerful punch, ensuring your project stays on track and on budget.

Certification and compliance are a big issue in construction.
That’s why BlueDeck Composite™ is fully certified and compliant.

Our BlueDeck Composite™ has been tested by industry-leading engineers and in Australia’s largest fire lab to give you piece of mind. BlueDeck Composite™ is compliant and fully certified with AS/NZS 2327 for complete composite action. Its compliant with AS/NZS 1397 for metallic-coated steel products, and is fire rated to AS/NZS 1530.

Design and build your projects with confidence. We have your back for easy installation, pricing, concrete seepage, compliance, lead times and more!

Then what about service?
Can I rely on FTI for lead times, communication, orders etc.?

What truly sets FTI apart is our unbeatable service and reliability. We don’t just provide high quality products; we ensure a seamless construction journey from start to finish. Our commitment to service is the glue that holds it all together – making FTI Group your trusted partner for all your formwork needs.

With state-of-the-art machinery and our own logistics team we can offer fast production and delivery lead times. And we have a dynamic team who accompanies you through the whole journey from ordering, to design, production, delivery and after sales service.

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