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Fastest lead times for stairs, nationally

3 days, that’s all it takes…

…to get a detailed proposal from FTI Group Pty Ltd!
✔️ a detailed scope mark-up
✔️ a thorough take-off
✔️ with competitive pricing to set you up for a win

Fast Tread®, Safe-T-Tread™, Riser Film, FastBeam™, FastHob™, BlueDeck Composite™

We’re tracking our quote turnaround (that’s from when we receive your plans to when you receive our quote) and we’re currently running at an average of 3 days for a full detailed proposal.

FTI Group Pty Ltd for the fastest lead times for stairs in the industry!

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Complementary ancillary products: enhancing efficiency and performance on your construction projects.

In the fast-paced world of construction, time is money and every minute counts. As construction companies strive to meet deadlines and ensure safety on-site, having the right ancillary products can make all the difference.

FTI Group, a leader in prefabricated concrete formwork systems, offers a range of complementary ancillary products designed to enhance efficiency and performance in construction projects.

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