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Complementary ancillary products: enhancing efficiency and performance on your construction projects.

In the fast-paced world of construction, time is money and every minute counts. As construction companies strive to meet deadlines and ensure safety on-site, having the right ancillary products can make all the difference.

FTI Group, a leader in prefabricated concrete formwork systems, offers a range of complementary ancillary products designed to enhance efficiency and performance in construction projects.

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The 5 most common compliance issues our team identifies in fire cores.

If you’re involved in the world of construction and design, then you know that compliance is king.

To assist you in understanding and applying the BCA/NCC to stairs and railings, we have invested in design tools specifically designed to help you interpret and navigate the codes with ease, ensuring compliance and clarity in your stair and railing designs.

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Designed, shop-drawn and manufactured in Australia.

Our Fast Tread® stairs and BlueDeck Composite™ metal decking formwork are designed specifically for construction projects in Australia. They are designed, shop-drawn, and manufactured in Australia.

By partnering with FTI Group for your formwork needs, you’re helping Australian jobs, the Australian economy, local charities, plus you get your formwork faster and with a higher quality product; it’s a win-win!

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Building Stronger Teams: Applying NRL Techniques to Construction

Construction and rugby league may seem like vastly different industries, but they share many similarities when it comes to achieving success.

Both require technical skills, focus, perseverance, teamwork, and adaptability. NRL teams are known for their precision, resilience, and ability to overcome obstacles, qualities that can be invaluable for construction teams.

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Booming demand for industrial units & warehouses.

Booming demand for industrial property.

Australia’s industrial property market is now the ‘tightest in the world’. Over the next 3 years, there’ll be a shortfall of over 1.2 million sqm of industrial space.

There’s exponential growth in demand for commercial real estate but what the tenants want is changing. Different types of industrial developments are more attractive to investors.

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An industry under pressure.

The Australian construction industry has been under a lot of pressure over the past few years with COVID-19 supply chain issues, materials and labour shortages, and rapidly increasing interest rates. 

Despite all these restraints though, there is a positive outlook for the industry and opportunities are there for construction firms that can pivot during uncertainty.

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Quality and compliance can make or break your build.

Quality and compliance are increasingly important on construction projects, and sometimes it can be difficult to interpret Australian Standards and the National Construction Code as it applies to stairs and railings.

That’s why FTI have come up with a compliance guide for stairs and handrails, and have designed Fast Tread® Revit Content that flags potential compliance issues for you.

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The role of a Construction Safety Manager.

The Construction Industry is one of the most dangerous jobs because of the work it involves.
Every construction site has a Safety Manager, and every Safety Manager has a very important role in the Site Team of that project.

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Proactive procurement is your game-changer.

Proactive procurement could be a source of competitive advantage… It will provide you with improved transparency and fewer surprises, which can also add greater value, enhance the level of service, and increase product quality while improving the relationship with your supplier.

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