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BlueDeck Composite™

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What is BlueDeck Composite™?

A faster and easier metal decking formwork system with compliance for complete composite action, this system ensures smooth and hassle-free installation.

BlueDeck Composite™ is our innovative rigid composite permanent metal decking formwork designed to streamline the construction of suspended concrete slabs. Manufactured in Australia at our state-of-the-art facility, BlueDeck Composite™ is crafted using high-tensile steel, providing exceptional spanning capabilities for superior performance.

BlueDeck Composite™ is equipped with its distinctive blue antiglare coating, which effectively minimises heat and glare from the deck, especially in warmer months.

Additionally, the deck boasts a durable galvanised finish that not only enhances its appearance with a neat and clean look but also ensures low maintenance. 

The galvanised finish is fully compliant with AS/NZ1397 standards for metallic-coated steel products. Furthermore, BlueDeck Composite™ holds fire rating certification to AS/NZS1530, providing users with peace of mind.

The benefits of building with BlueDeck Composite™


Manufactured in Australia, we can get stock to you where you need it, when you need it.

Compliance assured

To AS/NZS2327 with complete composite action

Galvanised zinc coating

Compliant with AS/NZ1397 for metallic-coated steel products

Ease of connection

Easy to clip in with a better interlocking connection

Fire rated

AS/NZS1530 for your peace of mind

Custom lengths

BlueDeck Composite™ can also be ordered in both 0.75 or 1.0mm thickness.

Fixed rates

Now offering fixed rates for metal decking formwork for the duration of your project.

Where can I use BlueDeck Composite™?

BlueDeck Composite™ is the ideal solution for a range of applications including carparks, office buildings, hospitals as well as deep beam style slabs.

How is it made and installed?

Manufactured in Australia, we roll your BlueDeck Composite™ pieces to the exact length your project requires.
Labelling & Packing
Your decking is packed and labelled for each zone as outlined in your order, making it easier for unloading and installing.
We deliver your decking direct to site or yard, we can get stock to you where you need it, when you need it.
Your decking is installed one piece at a time and is easy to clip together with a better interlocking connection.
Easy to clip together
Easy to clip in with a better interlocking connection
Where temporary propping is required, it must be fitted before the BlueDeck Composite™ installation. Refer to our BlueDeck Composite™ span tables.
Once the deck is secure and all Edge Forms are installed, place reinforcement to engineers’ requirements.
Core fill
Clean the deck of any debris, grease or oils and pour the concrete evenly across the deck.

Need more information?

Check out our Technical Information and BIM Content.

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Need BlueDeck Composite™?

You can trust Fast Tread®
to be compliant with:

• AS/NZS1657:2018
for fixed platforms, walkways, stairways, and ladders
• AS/NZS1428.1:2009
for design for access and mobility
• AS/NZS1170.1:2002
for structural design actions
• AS/NZS3990:1993
for mechanical equipment
• AS/NZS4100:1998
for steel structures
• AS/NZS4991:2004
for lifting devices
• AS/NZS1554.1:2011
for structural steel welding
• AS/NZS4761:2001
for steel reinforcing materials

Compliance assured for your peace of mind. For more information, contact our design team.