Heavy-duty galvanised handrails and stairwell handrails for all your handrail requirements

We have a range of Handrail Services.

We offer heavy-duty galvanised handrails for all your handrail requirements including:

  • Handrail refurbishment
  • Removal of old handrails, and installation of new replacement handrails
  • Custom handrails
  • For use in ramps, carparks and fall barriers
  • Stair Handrails for conventional stairs
  • Fire stair handrail
Our subcontractors

Are already inducted on your site


To suit your specific project requirements

Quality assured

Durable product workmanship

Fast lead times

and quick installation

Outside of hours installation

for minimal access

Includes removal of your old handrails

Where can I use FTI handrails?

To achieve BCA/NCC & Australian Standard compliance, handrails are required on one or both sides of your Fast Tread® stairs, depending on their design. We offer four options to meet requirements for fire isolated and main access stairways. All handrails are manufactured in galvanised tubular hollow section.

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