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Preformed stairs vs. in-situ concrete stairs

With over 20 years’ experience with prefabricated formwork systems, we’ve come up with this comparison for you to compare preformed stairs vs in-situ stairs.


» it’s typically the cheapest method on paper
» it’s a well-established construction method that’s been used for many years

» it’s very labour intensive & can take a long time.
» the method can be easily out of tolerance (at around +-20mm)
» it tends to create a lot of waste with stripping the formwork


» stairs that are preformed typically speed up the construction by 70-80%
» handrails can be fitted before the stairs are installed, providing immediate edge protection & a safer site
» an in-built screed fold ensures you have level, accurate treads every single time.
» it’s built to very, very high tolerances (+-2mm/3mm)
» the long-term costs are much cheaper & with handrails included in the package you have less trades onsite.
» it comes with a full design package

» it can seem expensive
» it’s an innovative construction method that many are unfamiliar with

So there you have it… preformed stairs vs in-situ concrete stairs.

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