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Proactive procurement is your game-changer.

Proactive procurement is your game-changer.

What is procurement?

Procurement is the process of working out what, when and how much to purchase of the goods and services your business needs to keep operating.

Procurement Teams must make sure there’s a consistent, efficient, and cost-efficient supply to the business at any given time.

What’s the difference between reactive and proactive?

To be reactive means you’re acting in response to a situation, whereas being proactive means you’re creating or controlling the situation instead of responding to it after it has happened.

The Supply Chain.

Anyone who’s worked in procurement knows that problems could arise at any given time, and such issues would require swift reactions to keep ahead of any adverse effects these problems may bring.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a great example of this, the disruptions caused by the pandemic pushed many industries to act quickly and pivot, which in the main was a reactive approach. How much of this could have been avoided with a proactive approach?

Even pre-COVID it was common to have a team dedicated to procurement and supply chains to keep suppliers in check. These teams had to have the ability to react immediately to unforeseen circumstances like delayed deliveries, supplier quality issues, and equipment downtime. When these issues occur, it’s on the procurement team to act on it – to understand the problem and find immediate solutions, and sometimes interim solutions.

Proactive Procurement.

Being proactive with your procurement means knowing what your business will buy and planning an appropriate procurement strategy well before the first order needs to be placed.

After being overlooked in the past, procurement has become an increasingly important division of every business. It’s critical to recognise that supplier-customer relationships can impact the bottom line of your business and that manufacturers understand the importance of managing the pricing dynamics.

If supply chains were more robust it would help to mitigate the reactive situations that occur and then the focus could be more on strategic initiatives, development, and competitive differentiation. Proactive procurement will provide you with improved transparency and fewer surprises, which can also add greater value, enhance the level of service, and increase product quality while improving the relationship with your supplier.

A proactive procurement team collaborates closely with suppliers, developing a strong relationship with those suppliers which gives them better insights, more accurate forecasting, and more in-depth knowledge about market trends. Strong customer-supplier relationships like this can be a source of competitive advantage.

Proactive procurement also promotes innovation, the strong supplier-customer relationship helps to find opportunities for improvement within the supply chain. By foreseeing the likelihood of disruptions the procurement team can work to proactively initiate, develop, anticipate, and implement solutions.

How FTI Group fits in with all this.

FTI Group has a proactive approach to procurement, as well as to its product and service offering. They heavily invest in ways to innovate and improve situations throughout every department of the company, from investing in the product they offer, the people they employ, the logistics service, and the machinery used to fabricate the formwork products.

FTI are working proactively to manage our costs through improved relationships, greater inventory management, and real-time data to forecast and understand customer needs. They’re investing in the product and service they offer to deliver greater value to the customer and helping to promote a proactive approach to the supply chain and procurement departments.

FTI have invested in their product.
FTI Group have invested in their products for many years, continually innovating and improving the products offered. They have developed a range of accessory products to add further value to the Fast Tread® stairs, being Safe-T-Tread™ temporary treads and Riser Film.

FTI have continued to extend the range of formwork products, having added BlueDeck Composite™ metal decking and BluePly™ F17 formply in more recent years.

Furthermore, FTI also proactively invest in having large stock holdings of the raw materials which are purchased as per the project forecast which allows them to order bulk quantities, this is cost-effective, and the cost savings are then passed on to the customer. By procuring the materials at the time of the customer signing a contract with FTI, it allows them to hold the pricing firm for the duration of the project.

FTI have invested in their people.
Making FTI Group a great place to work is a goal for the Management Team, offering recreational incentives for performance and safety milestones such as Zero LTI’s (Lost Time Injuries).

Promoting a healthier workplace and partnering with organisations such as The Healthy Tradie Project, R U OK? Day, and National Safe Work Month. Also investing in the people, offering training throughout every area of the business from sales, to engineering and leadership courses.

FTI have invested in their fleet.
Proactively investing in a fleet of prime mover trucks to offer a better, more reliable logistics experience. Investing in a new fleet of trailers to increase the length of BlueDeck Composite™ metal decking formwork we’re able to supply. And, adding a Hino rigid crane truck to the fleet to enable deliveries direct to site for sites with tight access.

FTI have invested in their machinery.
FTI has a proactive vision for the future of preformed formwork. They have invested in brand new, world-class machinery to support the sustainable future growth of the building construction industry. New purpose-built machines for BlueDeck Composite™ metal decking formwork, new laser machinery for Fast Tread® preformed concrete stairs, and new decoiler machines to better position FTI Group as a highly efficient, self-sustainable, and reliable supplier..

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