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Why your supply chain is critical in the delivery of your project. 

The disruption in the construction industry.

It’s been a tough 18 months for most of us.

All around the world people and businesses have been devastated by the health and economic threat of Covid-19.

Thankfully, in Australia the building and construction industry has remained an essential service, meaning we have been spared the worst of the pain.

We haven’t been without disruptions though.

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly affected the construction industry here in Australia, and many contractors have been adversely affected by supply chain disruptions for many building materials including timber and steel. These disruptions have delayed the progress of some construction sites and have in turn increased the cost of some projects.

And then the construction industry in Greater Sydney got shut down for two weeks further increasing disturbance and creating uncertainty.

But we’re still not out of the woods yet. With a lot of construction contractors still not operating to full capacity even now. Supply chains are still being disrupted and the prices of many building materials are still on the rise and are likely to continue this tread for some time yet.

Moving forward with minimal disturbance on your project.

Whilst there’s no end in sight for the disruptions, there is some positive news.

The building and construction industry is forecasted to grow by 2.7% this year, bringing the industry to $243 billion for 2021. The outlook for building & construction has been much stronger than generally expected based on Australia’s ability to bring the spread of Covid-19 under control.

We’ve proved it’s risky to rely on overseas supply and that it’s time to invest more heavily in local production which is a lot more reliable with shorter lead times.

Many Australian businesses manufacture construction materials locally, just like FTI Group.

Having been in the construction industry for over 17 years, the FTI Team recognise the strict project schedules and the importance of reliable, on-time deliveries for all elements of the project. We understand that a project must be delivered on time to avoid liquidated damages (LDs) from the client.

We’ve got control of our supply chain.

That’s why having a reliable supply chain is critical to the delivery of your project.

At FTI Group, we’re able to offer a range of formwork products. From our main products being Fast Tread® preformed concrete stairs, BlueDeck Composite™ metal decking formwork, and BluePly™ formply to our ancillary products including Safe-T-Tread™, Riser Film, Galvanised Metal Handrails, FastHob™, FastBeam™… we’ve become a one-stop-shop for all things concrete formwork. If it holds wet concrete, we aim to supply it!

And, we have a range of suppliers for raw materials so that we’re not tied to single suppliers. We rely on Australian blue-chip suppliers including CSR Building Products, BlueScope Steel, Bostik, and many more.

We stock large quantities of all the steel componentry for our Fast Tread® stairs and our BlueDeck Composite™ metal decking, as well as large stocks of our BluePly™ formply. We’re not a distributor, we roll our own profile of metal decking, and we have our own brand of formply, this enables us to offer a reliable supply chain.

At every stage of your FTI experience, we’ve got a highly organised and skilled team. From the Estimators marking up your proposals to our in-house Design Experts and our resident fully qualified Engineer in both Civil & Structural Engineering. The Production Team who ensures all the projects are prioritised, the Logistics Team who makes sure your delivery arrives on time, every time… you can rely on us to deliver.

We’ve got our own fleet of FTI trucks, and our own drivers meaning we don’t even rely on third parties for transport.
Having delivered to thousands of projects now all over Australia, as well as internationally in New Zealand, Canada, Papua New Guinea & America, we’re confident we’re able to supply and deliver to your next project.

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Find a supplier you can rely on.

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• AS/NZS1657:2018
for fixed platforms, walkways, stairways, and ladders
• AS/NZS1428.1:2009
for design for access and mobility
• AS/NZS1170.1:2002
for structural design actions
• AS/NZS3990:1993
for mechanical equipment
• AS/NZS4100:1998
for steel structures
• AS/NZS4991:2004
for lifting devices
• AS/NZS1554.1:2011
for structural steel welding
• AS/NZS4761:2001
for steel reinforcing materials

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